Lingerie Football League – Season 2 Teaser

March 24, 2011 by  
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The LFL launches its second season; September 3rd on MTV2. Now showing across Television and Computer Screens both Nationally and Internationally. For more info: Producion Credits: Producer / Director / Editor: Justin Schoenrock Motion Graphis: Keith Kilcoyne Produced by: JROCK Entertainment, Plainfield, IL / 815.436.1990

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    25 Responses to “Lingerie Football League – Season 2 Teaser”
    1. 00Billy says:


    2. LosAngelesIzTheBest says:

      @SolidSnake032486 Barely, but only perverts and porn addicts watch this. Which explains why my friends told me about it.

    3. TheTalkingChins909 says:

      I bet a man made this….

    4. alex3373 says:

      That chick @ 00:41 is BADASS, fkn turns me on!!

    5. blue0blaze says:

      F@#$ the super bowl I’m watching this

    6. jordonbeaven says:

      My new favorite sport.

    7. dadeeo44 says:

      The greatest thing in entertainment since Howard Stern. When I first saw this during Super Bowl a few years ago it was AWFUL, girlie models pretending to play “football”. This however, is hot, pretty, ATHLETES actually playing hard hitting real football.

    8. blueeyeddevil98 says:

      Dumbest thing I ever saw. those girls need to get a freakin’ life!!! 60 years later: Grandkid: grandma what did u do when u got out of HS? Grandma: I was on the football team where girls wore nothing but bras and panties. Grandkid: WTF

      Seriously!!!! Geez ftw 🙂

    9. ubermensch826 says:

      this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen.

    10. ScottyA222 says:

      The first live games airs tonight. This league just fucking rules.

    11. SolidSnake032486 says:

      I think I just saw the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean hot chicks and football, is this legal?

    12. revemupman says:

      I would actually pay to coach these girls lmfao.

    13. fusedpower says:

      1 person is a complete faggot

    14. tatoalba says:

      wowwwwww…i love…..

    15. TheLeilisa says:

      who is the tallest football?

    16. davishigh5done says:

      who is it at 0:30

    17. alex3373 says:

      Mmmm 00:30 I would suck her fart out.

    18. davishigh5done says:

      yeah who is that girl at 0:30..whats her name?

    19. ace24wolf says:

      @bigt00kie checking out her ass?

    20. bigt00kie says:

      whos the girl at 0:30

    21. bigt00kie says:

      who is this

    22. pheonex says:

      @jasmine5000 clearly you have never watched rugby, or women rugby for that matter where there is literally no protection, at all.

    23. aceclan01 says:

      @jasmine5000 nobody cares

    24. fflyboy192 says:

      what i would do for a couching job

    25. tylerf13ful says:

      @jasmine5000 who cares..

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