Team Sports and Building Character in Our Youth

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It’s all about sports say coaches and parents as they sign their children up for little league, soccer, swimming or youth track. Both parents and coaches alike realize that by teaching our kids sports we are instilling in them strong work ethic, competitiveness, team work, sportsmanship, striving to accomplish goals, and to win.

These are all such obvious life skills you’d wonder why any parent wouldn’t want their kids in sports. Still, some psychologists say that an underperforming young athlete can have their self-esteem hurt if they find that they are not as good as the other kids on the team or in the league.

True enough and yet parents say, that’s alright they can still be part of a winning team, if they will put forth effort they’ll learn what can be accomplished working together, and they will also learn that if they want to do good and win in anything in life they will have to rise to the occasion and train and work harder to accomplish their goals, dreams and objectives. Indeed.

Today however, we are finding more and more studies and research done by psychologists that say we are damaging our children by pushing them too hard and that we should back off in order not to hurt their psyche. Sure, we could do that, but what happens when they enter the real world say coaches and parents; “Things are not going to get any easier then are they?”

No matter what you believe on this topic, one thing is known for sure; Team Sports Build Character in Our Youth! And so, I hope you will consider this.

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